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Estate Planning, Wills, & Trusts

For many, the thought of estate planning is unwelcome. Too often people put off this important plan and the consequences can be devastating for the surviving loved ones. These effects can include years of probate;  imposition of estate taxes that can greatly deplete, or even wipe out estate assets. Therefore, it is important that estate planning be handled as early in one’s life as possible.

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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

Often, when one suffers an injury there is no one to blame. However, injuries sometimes occur due to the wrongful acts of others. Oftentimes those injuries cause significant damage, prove financially costly, and  disrupt the lives of not only the injured person but also his or her loved ones.

In a few instances, the negligence causing the accident can even result in death. In these situations, it is important to seek a law firm with deep experience in personal injury cases.

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Domestic Relations & Family Law

Since the mid-1900s, state and federal laws affecting domestic relations have greatly increased in number and range. Matters that once might not even have been contemplated as issues subject to litigation are now routinely ruled upon by judges.

Cases that in the not-too distant past might have been easily resolved are now exceedingly complex.

Because of the expansion of the law in the family law context, it is important to have a skilled attorney and law firm providing guidance and representation in domestic relations cases.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal charges may carry with them potentially significant legal penalties such as revocation of a driver’s license, fines, or jail time. Aside from these punishments, formal criminal accusations can result in, among other things, damage to one’s reputation; strains on relations with family, friends, and colleagues; and difficulties in maintaining or obtaining employment.

Because the stakes are so high, it is vitally important to retain lawyers who fully understand criminal law and have proven experience in the area.

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Real Estate & Conservation Easements

For most people or entities, the purchase, sale, or maintenance of real estate represents a major financial undertaking; the laws affecting real estate are unique and must be followed closely.

When legal problems concerning real property arise, an experienced attorney can help navigate the complications that sometimes appear.

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Corporations & Limited Liability Corporations

From start-up, to running a commercial entity, to winding up a corporation or other enterprise, businesses face a multitude of legal liabilities, requirements, and opportunities.

A law firm well-versed in handling cases involving corporations and limited liability companies can prove to be an exceptionally powerful business tool, not only in the defense or prosecution of cases but also in anticipating potential future problems, planning for and preempting possible disputes, and preserving and enhancing the goodwill of a business.

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Employment Law

The number and scope of local, state, and federal employment laws have grown exponentially in the late 20th and early 21th centuries. This new legislation has enabled persons not previously legally protected against discrimination, improper terminations, and refusals of adequate compensation to recover for wrongful actions of employers and others.

Enforcement of these statutes through the litigation process has also helped individuals by forcing specific employers and large industries to remain aware of the activities conducted on their behalf, and to be proactive in order to preempt wrongful acts from occurring in the first place.

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General Civil Litigations

Mann, Vita & Elrod has a thriving general civil litigation practice and has had continued success in recovering sizable settlements and verdicts on behalf of individuals, families, and businesses.

We attribute this to our skilled and dedicated attorneys, who are capable of handling a wide variety of civil cases. We have significant experience with construction and property-related disputes.

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Social Security Disability and SSI

Mr. Vita handles Social Security Disability claims and Supplement Security Income claims before the Social Security Administration.

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Workers Compensation

Mr. Vita has an extensive workers’ compensation practice representing claimants before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. He also occasionally represents Employers in defending workers’ compensation claims.

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Real Estate Closings

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