We understand the legal needs of corporations and limited liability companies.

Our specific experience includes advising and planning for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships; business formation and administration; resolving sometimes expensive and contentious commercial disputes; and business severance/dissolution disputes.

From start-up, to running a commercial entity, to winding up a corporation or other enterprise, businesses face a multitude of legal liabilities, requirements, and opportunities. A law firm well-versed in handling cases involving corporations and limited liability companies can prove to be an exceptionally powerful business tool, not only in the defense or prosecution of cases but also in anticipating potential future problems, planning for and preempting possible disputes, and preserving and enhancing the goodwill of a business.

Because we pay careful attention to understanding our commercial clients and the environments and industries in which they operate, we are well-suited to provide the capable representation that these persons and entities need.

John Vita

John Vita


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