The lawyers of Mann, Vita & Elrod have decades of experience handling a wide range of family law cases.

Specifically, we have represented clients in divorce actions, including those involving alimony; attorneys fees; determination of separate property and commingling issues; division of marital property; enforcement of property division settlement agreements, child custody and /or visitation; and child support.

Since the mid-1900s, state and federal laws affecting domestic relations have greatly increased in number and range. Matters that once might not even have been contemplated as issues subject to litigation are now routinely ruled upon by judges. Cases that in the not-too distant past might have been easily resolved are now exceedingly complex. Because of the expansion of the law in the family law context, it is important to have a skilled attorney and law firm providing guidance and representation in domestic relations cases.

We have also counseled clients in adoptions; minor or incapacitated adult guardianships; obtaining or preventing modification of child custody orders; parental, third-party custody, and interstate child custody disputes; modification of alimony and child support matters; and enforcement/contempt of court actions involving support and custody issues. Given our thorough experience and close consultation with our clients, we are able to handle any domestic relations matter that you may be facing or looking to pursue.

Josh Elrod

Josh Elrod

Domestic Relations

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